Rent Apartment

I was looking for an apartment to rent because I had been living with a friend. It was time for me to live on my own rather than have a roommate.

Nice Apartment

I wanted to find a nice apartment that was close to work to rent. I started my search by buying a newspaper to see if there were any apartments.

My Search

I found a few listings that I called about to get more information. They were in various places and I wanted to make my search a little easier.

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Search For Apartments

That’s when I decided to go online and search for apartments 75201 which was the zip code I was looking to live in. This was also close to my work and I wanted to see what was available in that particular area.

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Familiar Apartments


After doing this search I found several apartments for rent. I was able to look them over and look at the pictures of them before contacting anyone. A few of the apartments looked familiar and I thought I knew exactly where they were. I looked over what I could find about them, including the reviews for them. I wanted to make sure they were kept up and in good condition. I found out lots of great things about a few different apartments 75201 zip code. I decided to contact the property managers from the website I found them listed on. I received phone calls back the very same day from them so I could make arrangements to look at them in person.

After looking at the apartments, it wasn’t hard to decide which one I wanted to rent. I couldn’t wait to move out on my own and asked the property manager when and how I could pay and how quickly I could move in. They gave me all the information I needed and I wrote them a check for the deposit and first months rent.

Move Out Of My Old Apartment


I let my roommate know before I even looked at them that I would be moving out and let her know when that was going to happen.

Within a week I was able to move out of my old apartment and into my new one. I love living on my own and love the peace of mind it gives me. It was a great choice and although I liked my roommate, I really like living alone.